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Transforming Your Nursing Expertise into Profitable Businesses

Ready To Leave The Bedside? I Can Help.

At Char Marie Coaching, our mission is to empower nurses to transform their passions into profitable businesses that provide innovative solutions and bring personal success, balance, fulfillment, joy, and financial freedom.

We believe that nurses are the future agents of change in healthcare. Our unique coaching, guidance, and accountability will help nurses navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. Let’s transform your nursing career into a thriving business.

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About me

I Help Nurses Build Successful Businesses

I am the CEO and the founder of Char Marie Coaching and creator of the Simply Scale System. I am a nurse with more than 30 years of clinical, coaching and leadership experience. I have worked and managed various specialties in nursing including emergency medicine, urgent care, women’s health, home health, and long term care. I have consulted for one of the top rated healthcare organizations in the nation. The bulk of my career has been spent in leadership and project management, building new healthcare programs from the ground up.

I have a unique ability to understand the gaps in the industry. I believe nurses are the future for change in a broken healthcare system. Utilizing their knowledge, skills and expertise, nurses can build profitable businesses and deliver higher quality care.

My mission is to help turn nurses’ passions into nurse owned businesses that bring them more success, balance, fulfillment, joy and financial freedom.

Nurses CAN Transform Lives Beyond The Brick And Mortar Walls Of The Hospital

Are you a nurse who’s tired of feeling burned out and ready to leave the career you’ve worked so hard for? I help take your highly demanded skills, experience, and expertise and turn them into a thriving nurse-owned business and nurse coach.

Say goodbye to long hours and feeling unfulfilled, and hello to freedom, flexibility, and success. Let me show you how to take your passion for nursing and turn it into a profitable business. Don’t settle for just getting by, take control of your career and start living the life you deserve today!

Ready to take the first step towards your nurse-owned business?

Why Nurses Make Exceptional Entrepreneurs:

  • Real-world Experience

Hands-on work in diverse healthcare settings gives them a unique perspective, valuable in consultancy

  • Rich Knowledge Base

Years of medical training and practice provide them with a deep understanding of health and wellness

  • Active Listening

Trained to understand patients, nurses have developed exceptional listening skills, ensuring every client feels heard

  • Genuine Empathy

Their daily role revolves around compassion and understanding, making their client interactions more heartfelt

  • Tailored Solutions

With a background in crafting patient-specific care plans, nurses excel at designing customized strategies for each client

  • Continuous Learners

Committed to staying updated, nurses naturally adopt a growth mindset crucial for business evolution

  • Attention to Detail

Accustomed to meticulous patient care, they apply the same precision to business strategies and client needs

  • Business Execution

Their skills in coordination, planning, and execution in medical settings translate seamlessly to running a successful coaching or consulting venture


Nurses possess the intrinsic qualities and professional experiences to flourish in the coaching and consulting domain, driving both impact and profitability. Let’s take that clinical expertise and passion for helping others and turn it into a thriving business!

Business Pathways

Tools For Your Business

Our 6 & 12 month coaching and implementation programs provides you with everything you need to succeed. We’ll guide you through our Simply Scale formula, covering all the essential elements to start, grow, and sustain your business. Our goal is to get your business up and running in 2-4 months or less, providing you with a solid foundation for long-term success.


Our coaching and consulting pathway is designed to help nurses looking to start or grow their own business. We help you develop a solid business plan, identify your target market, and create a successful marketing strategy.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the coaching & consulting space and can provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve your business goals.


If you’re looking to start a nursing agency, we can help.

Our team has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and can provide you with the resources and guidance you need to launch your own successful nursing agency.

From recruiting and staffing to compliance and regulations, we can help you navigate every step of the process.

Simply Scale System

With each pathway you also get enrolled in the Simply Scale System coaching program. Step into a 6-12 month transformative experience with our virtual business coaching and implementation program. We equip you with a devoted team of experts, comprehensive resources, and robust support to help you achieve your milestones swiftly.

Our Simply Scale System equips you with the skills to start and grow a profitable business that’s built to last. We help you expand your small business ideas for nurses, propelling you to the next level of success.

Learn the simple 4-step Simply Scale System every business needs for success

  • Hone in on your specialized niche
  • Craft your unique offer
  • Pinpoint your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Establish efficient business systems

We believe in simplicity. While many coaches dive headfirst into advanced techniques, we understand the novice entrepreneur’s journey. We start right from the beginning, hand-in-hand, guiding you through the process of building a successful side business for nurses, from A-Z. The future of your venture starts here!

What You Get

Comprehensive Virtual Coaching

Receive unparalleled 6-12 months guidance from industry experts, delivered virtually through our membership site. Benefit from weekly intensive coaching sessions, tailored to fast-track your success and implement the unique Simply Scale System.

Customizable & Focused Guidance

Experience a program individualized to your needs, and collaborate at your pace for a clear and confident entrepreneurial journey. Our goal is simple: to help you get your business up, running, and thriving. We promise solid support and accountability to ensure your business grows and sustains for years to come.

Exclusive Community & Direct Support

Step into a private community for support and on-demand coaching. Plus enjoy direct access to all live group training calls, monthly check-ins with your Client Success Coach, and weekly 1-on-1 Office Hours for that personal touch.

Simply Scale System & Training Platform

Get exclusive access to our rich library of resources, processes, and systems specifically designed for scaling a business, right at your fingertips. This goes beyond foundational elements, preparing you to market, sell, and grow your business.


Your Path to Successful Nurse Entrepreneurship

At Char Marie Coaching we know that you want to be a successful nurse business owner. In order to do that, you need a simple business strategy that doesn’t waste time, money or energy on complicated tactics that just don’t work. The problem is you lack the business know-how which makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and stuck. We believe nurses can turn their highly demanded expertise and passions into profitable businesses that transform lives. We understand that nurses aren’t taught the business skills necessary to start, grow, and sustain a successful venture which is why we help them take their unique skills and experience and turn it into profitable businesses that bring them more success, balance, fulfillment, joy and financial freedom.


What People Are Saying About Us..

“Working with Char has been a life changer. Her program is clear, concise, and rich in resources for starting a business. More importantly, she guides you in turning your dreams into a successful career. Char helps clarify your vision, develops your strengths, and fosters personal growth. I trust her completely to help me achieve my coaching business goals with fulfillment and success.

RN, Certified Health Coach

“With Char, I overcame stagnation and lack of motivation despite previous coaching attempts. She fearlessly addressed my self-imposed barriers, reigniting my purpose. Her tough love, though challenging, was exactly what I needed. Her unwavering support and fresh perspective helped me achieve remarkable business growth. I’m grateful for her guidance.”

Health & Wellness Business Owner

“Before Char, I felt overwhelmed, doubting my abilities and trapped by stress, all which led to procrastination. With Char’s guidance, everything shifted. I gained stress management strategies and confronted challenges head on. I broke free from my patterns of procrastination, and now confidently handle projects with her tools. No going back to chaos.”


Program Manager

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