Book a Burnout Breakthrough Session

A powerful 30-minute session to help you understand the real reasons you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and stuck, and what you need to do to beat burnout once and for all.

AFTER our session, you will:


See that there is a path, plan, possibility to change your life

Stay motivated by knowing the true underlying reason why behind it so you don’t give up

Realize the impact of coaching – experience the transformational process firsthand

Feel empowered and ready to make new choices/decisions in your life

When you’re stuck, you can’t see your own roadblocks…it takes an objective outside person to see what you’re not seeing.

You don’t know how to do this now. We aren’t taught this in school, or as a child.

This is something new that you need to learn how to do with new tools, resources, skills and support. 

You can’t learn how to ride a bike from reading a book or watching a video…you need to get out there and do it with help!

What Clients Have Experienced…

“Char began working with me and quickly identified the core issues causing me to struggle. I found my voice, my confidence grew and my work performance began to improve. I began to make friends at work. I started to believe I was worth it, I had value and something to share with the world.”

~ C.K.

“My life slowly, but steadily began to change after working with Char. She taught me that I can stop living in the past and focus on my present, taking it one day at a time as I work toward creating a new normal. My past trauma didn’t define who I was or who I wanted to become. While therapy was good to help initially treat my mental health crisis, provide a medical diagnosis, and get me on medication to manage my symptoms, Char is the one who taught me how to keep living!”

~ M.K.

“With Char’s support and coaching, I finally found the reasons why I was acting out the way I was. I was scared. Char showed me that I didn’t have to have all the answers about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, but I did need to get my act together before I made choices that had consequences I could not come back from. Over the next couple of months working with Char, I identified what I wanted to study and enrolled in Community College. I quit the job that I hated and found a new one. I dumped a bunch of my toxic friends and started making new ones. I am talking more with my family and not bottling up all my emotions anymore. “

~ T.C.

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