Choosing Vulnerability: How Being Your Authentic Self Leads to a Purpose Driven Life

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Do you believe you are supposed to just go along to get along? Are you struggling, or just plain unwilling to be vulnerable and admit what it is you really want in life? When you are seeking to feel recognized, accepted, or belonging it can feel downright impossible to put yourself in a position of vulnerability and let your true self be seen. Doing so puts us at risk of ridicule, criticism, and judgement.  Yet, the need for belonging is 100 percent normal human nature. People want more than anything to feel connection, but when our true nature contradicts what society or our peer group perceives as ‘normal’, we start experiencing discontentment, stress, and crushing sense of inadequacy.

To thine own self be true. Easier said than done, but by not being vulnerable enough to be seen for who we really are, by just trying to fit in, we will never feel at peace, secure, or experience the joy and happiness available to us in this lifetime. To start living an authentic life without undue anxiety, stress, or overwhelm you must start by figuring out who you are, and that starts by getting honest with yourself and learning how to change the thoughts and feelings holding you back.

Are you living your life based on what other people think you should be doing in an effort to belong? Are you doing so to be accepted rather than admit what you want even though deep down you already know what it is you actually want in life?

You can begin living your authentic life when you learn to manage your mind.

If you are someone who hides their true self, fears judgement or acceptance by others, and closes yourself off so people never really get to see the real you, you are living a lie.

Are you ready to live your life on your own terms and not those imposed by the people surrounding you? When you become aware that you are not living authentically, that your thoughts are creating roadblocks to living an honest life, you can begin to design a plan and take action to create the amazing purpose driven life you never believed possible.

When you learn how to manage your mind, define who you want to be and why, then the game plan can be developed to get you to the goal.

Let me share a story about my friend Jaime. She is an MD who spent a better part of a decade studying to become a physician. Jamie was top of her game, graduating top of her class, highly sought after to work in her specialty after graduating medical school and finishing her residency. But Jaime wasn’t happy. She was in fact exhausted. She wanted to cut back on work and start a family. The lifestyle of a physician can be very demanding and stressful and difficult to juggle work, life, family, etc. Jaime hid her desires from her family and friends because she was terrified, they would think she was crazy. How could she spend so much time, energy, and money to reach her goal to become a doctor to now want to set it aside to (gasp!) be a stay-at-home mom?

After spending some time discussing the situation with Jaime and coaching her on her thoughts and feelings about her circumstances, she realized she already knew what she wanted to do. She now had to find the courage and vulnerability to tell her loved ones what she wanted. She worked on her thoughts about how everyone would judge her decision, and decided no matter what, it was her life to live and if she wanted to be happy, she would have to risk others not liking her decision.

Jaime did become that stay-at-home mom and hasn’t regretted her decision to walk away from her career for one second. She was true to herself and in doing so found enormous power, pride, and joy in making a tough decision.

The new you is only a few coaching sessions away. The hardest part is deciding that you are ready to commit to making the change. With the help of motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral coaching techniques, you can learn how to be vulnerable, live your best life and create the future you have dreamed of.

‘Take Control of Your Sh!t’ is a 90-day coaching program that will help you find the true purpose, peace, balance, and happiness you have long desired. You will learn strategies that will help you manage your mind now and whenever future roadblocks get in your way.

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Charlene Zielin is a Success & Business Coach whose mission is to empower nurses to transform their passions into profitable businesses that provide innovative solutions and bring personal success, balance, fulfillment, joy, and financial freedom.