Yes, You Can! Why Saying ‘Can’t’ is Self-Sabotage

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Ever heard the saying, ‘If you believe, you can achieve’? This statement is 100% true. But you can’t just wish your dreams into existence! You must get serious, create a specific and realistic goal, establish a game plan for how you will accomplish the goal, put the plan into action, DO the work, and keep going when roadblocks try to stop you all along the way.


If you feel overwhelmed and stuck in life you need to stop saying you can’t rather than you can, otherwise you never really wanted that something bad enough to begin with.


Saying you can’t do something is an excuse people make to justify why they are unable to accomplish the result they want. When you say you can’t, you are just finding a way of avoiding or saying no. Can’t is often rooted in our fear of failure. When we say we can’t, we really are saying this goal is too hard, this aspiration is not really very important to me, or I don’t find this goal a true priority in my life.


Can’t just means won’t, and once you realize the difference, decisions become easy, and your real-life priorities are quickly revealed.


Anything worth having in life usually comes with a price. The problem today is that people have been fed a bunch of bull about being able to manifest anything you want if you just want it bad enough. This. Is. Ridiculous! The price of becoming who we want to be or getting what we want in life is hard work, dedication, time, patience, energy, mental discomfort and putting yourself in situations where you will have to learn and try new things never done before.


The way to get what you want in life is to first decide what it is you genuinely want. Be honest with yourself. Most people aren’t honest with what they truly desire. People are influenced by family, peers, society, culture, religion, etc. to think they should want something they don’t. When you are only going after something you think you want, you won’t have the motivation or drive to make it happen.


Here is an example so many of us can relate to: I can’t lose weight! I work 60 hours a week, run 3 kids around and I don’t have the time to cook at home or go to the gym every day. Besides, everyone my age has a little junk in the trunk. I’m supposed to look this way. Don’t forget about COVID, everyone gained wait during the pandemic.


Bullocks! Let’s get real. Insert the word ‘won’t’ where ‘can’t’ stands. I won’t lose weight. I don’t want to find the time to go to the gym right now. I don’t want to put the energy into cooking healthy meals or shopping. Losing weight is not my priority right now.


And that is ok.


We get judgmental of ourselves when we decide to not do something. Mostly because we believe we are supposed to do it. Well guess what, you do you! You will be a much happier person when you live your truth and stop trying to meet other people’s standards.


I teach my clients how to manage their mind by creating awareness of their limiting self-beliefs, negative self-talk, of their unhealthy thought patterns and habits. You can literally change your whole life when you become the master of your own destiny and achieve extraordinary goals.


Are you ready to stop saying you can’t and discover what you really want out of life?


A free Breakthrough coaching session can help you reveal your hidden desires and get you started on a path to make those dreams a reality. I will help you identify what you want, why you want it, create a gameplan, set you into decisive action, and keep you accountable along the way. If you want to experience what working with me is like, fill out the quick questionnaire here and we can get you straight.


Yes, You CAN!


Charlene Zielin is a Success & Business Coach whose mission is to empower nurses to transform their passions into profitable businesses that provide innovative solutions and bring personal success, balance, fulfillment, joy, and financial freedom.