You Don’t Need to Know Exactly What You Want to Get Your Life Together

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You do not need to know exactly what you want to do or what your goals are before you can get your life together.

People generally already know what they want, but they are usually too afraid to admit it or can’t see it for themselves.

A purposeful coaching conversation can help you uncover what you really want and help you put it into words and actions.

Coaches can see you from an unbiased, non-judgmental, and outside perspective.  You can’t see yourself from the outside in, but a coach can!

My client was in a career that she hated but thought she had to stay in to support her lifestyle. She was raised to believe she had to work in a “white-collar” type of profession and was afraid that if she chose the kind of “blue-collar” trade she really wanted her parents and others would judge her harshly.

So, she already knew what she wanted to do, but she was too afraid to admit it.

Once she admitted what she really wanted and got coached on how to manage her thoughts about others’ judgment, she was able to leave her unfulfilling job and finally transition into the career that she really wanted to do.

If you are overwhelmed, stressed, and unhappy with your life but don’t know where to start with changing things, then I invite you to work with me in my 90-day coaching program. 

In my program, we will help you to get clear on what you really want, create SMART goals, and get into action to achieve them.  I use science-based coaching techniques, like Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, to help you get clear on what you want out of life and how to manage your mind to create the results you want.

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Life is your choice, not chance.

Yes, you can!


Charlene Zielin is a Success & Business Coach whose mission is to empower nurses to transform their passions into profitable businesses that provide innovative solutions and bring personal success, balance, fulfillment, joy, and financial freedom.