To hire or not to hire a coach, that is the question. The purpose of this blog is to help clarify what a coach is, what a coach is not, how a coach can help create life changing results, and how investing in a coach can be worth ten-fold the return on your investment.

What does a Life & Mental Health Coach do?

I teach people how to overcome mental barriers that keep them from achieving personal and professional life goals. I specialize in helping individuals with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and PTSD. My own firsthand experiences with these conditions, combined with my professional nursing background and education have helped me to create effective, evidence-based strategies that bust through mind blocks keeping you stuck in life.

As a coach, I collaborate with the client in a 50/50 partnership to discover the root causes stopping you from creating desired results. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space to create self-awareness of one’s limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and obstructive actions. Together we dig deep to discover and challenge the present unproductive ways of doing life and develop focused goals and realistic actionable plans to achieve the result you seek.

What a Life & Mental Health Coach is not.

Coaches are not therapists. Therapists work primarily to explore the past to uncover the subconscious thoughts constructing current life experience. They seek to understand the ‘why’ behind what drives a person. Therapists assess, diagnose, and treat mental illness with the goal being symptom relief and management. Only licensed therapists can do this work.

Coaches focus on the present and work to identify current issues to help create behavior change. Coaches want to know the ‘how’ to work toward goals. Coaches motivate and encourage people to achieve specified goals.

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. Both have their roles to play and can collaboratively work to help clients.s

How does a Mental Health & Trauma Coach create results?

Clients create the results! You do the hard work, I provide resources, education, tools, motivation and accountability to help you reach your goals. I have exercises to help clients work through the blocks keeping you stuck in life. Every person’s a unique individual in their learning style and needs, so I offer customized tools to support those needs. I have created an exercise called the Overcoming Anxious Thoughts Worksheet to start your journey of self-exploration.

How does investing in a Coach provide limitless value and a ten-fold return on my investment?

Let me ask you a question. How much wasted time, energy and money have you already invested in quick fix plans that claimed to get you your results? I have fallen victim to many a weight loss program that was supposed to help me look like a supermodel by months end. I assure you; I do not look like a supermodel!

Coaches are NOT quick fixes. You will need to be committed and be ready to do hard things when you want to create extraordinary outcomes. I will not be just offering you a plan to execute to get from point A to point B. I am going to fundamentally change your mind-how you think, feel & act to create ANY future goals you seek. Once you learn how to manage your mind, you will not have to invest in anymore crazy schemes to create personal or professional life goals.

As your Mental Health & Trauma Coach I will:

  • Help you identify and focus on what is important
  • Create a safe non-judgmental environment to create awareness  
  • Get you on the right path and fast track results
  • Motivate and hold you accountable
  • Push you outside your comfort zone where real change occurs
  • Teach you how your mindset, thoughts & feelings, not your circumstances, drive your behaviors
  • Partner, mentor, advocate, champion, educate, support and advise you on your journey
  • Save you time, energy, and money by helping you get the results you desire faster than you could do it on your own

Mending Minds, Changing Lives