Hi, I’m Char

I help healthcare professionals beat burnout, stop numbing and achieve more success, balance and joy at work and home

Coaching Gets You Moving Forward with Intention and Purpose

Coaching is not therapy. You are not broken. You are human.

Coaching is a progressive and effective process for high achieving, insightful, driven individuals looking to continuously grow and improve themselves.

Reading a book and having knowledge of how to improve oneself is one thing. Putting that information into intentional and purposeful action is quite another.

Working with a coach can efficiently and effectively get you results you haven’t been able to achieve on your own.

The return on your investment is profound! Why do you think Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, politicians, and high-level executives all utilizes coaches?

I’ve used coaching to completely change my life by creating a more integrated personal and professional life that brings me both satisfaction and happiness. I no longer feel like I am just surviving but thriving.

Learn to rekindle the love for your profession and enjoy work again.

It is time for the healers to be healed!

Here’s How I Can Help…

Burnout Breakthrough Session

 A powerful Free breakthrough coaching session to help you understand the real reasons you are stuck and what you need to do to get results once and for all. You can’t see your own blind spots… it takes a non-judgmental objective outside person to see what you’re not seeing. Experience the transformative power of working with a coach and unlock your true potential.

Breaking Burnout Blueprint

 A 12-week coaching program successful  professionals use to help beat burnout and stop numbing… So they can lead more balanced, fulfilling, joyful lives at work and home. Discover how to manage stress, improve work-life balance, and enjoy the life you want to live. Develop a Personal Lifestyle Plan incorporating science- based strategies and coaching techniques to decrease the impact of stress on your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.


A 3-month private coaching and mentorship program that teaches nurses how to build profitable coaching & consulting businesses.
 Lots of nurses want to become their own bosses. The problem… Most of them aren’t sure how to get started.
Learn my simple 4-Step Formula that shows nurses how to build the foundation necessary to launch a successful, sustainable, profitable business. Schedule a Free discovery call to learn more!

Hi, I’m Char…

My life has been dedicated to learning how to help others conquer some of life’s most difficult obstacles. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master of Healthcare Administration and am a Certified Health Coach. I have expertise and specialized training as a Clinical Trauma Specialist, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Case Manager, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Teacher.

I’m on a mission to empower people to overcome mindset barriers keeping them from accomplishing extraordinary goals and I am specially trained and equipped to help you.

I have used my evidence-based coaching strategies for two decades in my nursing career. Finding what works best to teach, inspire, and motivate people to change has been a labor of love, and through much trial and error I have found the tools and techniques that work most effectively to complete goals successfully.   

This is a very personal mission for me. I am passionate about helping people who feel overwhelmed and stuck in life because these conditions have affected me and my family. I use my own coaching strategies and tools on myself and give credit for all my personal and professional successes because of the mind work techniques I use. 

I value honesty-first with yourself, then with others; authenticity–always & unapologetically you-be-you; and grit-passion, perseverance, courage & resolve.  Without honesty, authenticity, and grit it is impossible to get to the core of the problem to create an effective solution.

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What Clients are Saying…


For a long time I felt stuck. I was in a high-paying but completely unsatisfying job. Every Sunday was a bad day and my family bore the brunt of my irritation. My unhappiness with my job strained my relationship with my spouse and my children. Thankfully, I was able to sit down with Char and figure out how to move forward. Char was able to help me identify what I wanted to do, the goals I wanted to attain, overcome my fear of change, and create a roadmap of how to achieve success – which included talking to my spouse and explaining to her what I wanted.

Surprise! I went back to school and quickly found a job in the profession I always wanted to be in. My job is fantastic, my relationship with my family has never been better, and I have never been happier. I would not be where I am today without Char.

~ B.L.

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